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Multi track location sound kit including:

  • Sound Devices 888 multi track recorder

  • Sound Devices CL16 mixer

  • Sound Devices 633 recorder

  • SQN 4S mixer

  • Sound Devices & Wisycom radio mics

  • Schoeps & Sennheiser boom mics

  • Sanken, DPA & Countryman personal mics

  • Additional range of Shure, Beyer Dynamic and Audio Technica mics

  • Sennheiser wireless headsets

  • Tentacle lockit boxes

  • Denecke digislate

  • LD Systems portable PA/playback system

  • Sound cart, Magliner and Foldit carts for transporting the kit

  • Ford Transit sound van

Good relations with hire companies for low cost hire of any further kit required

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